Zurich Insurance Group Reports First Quarter 2022 Results

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1 square meter 2022

1 square meter 2021

Property and Damage (P&C) General Text Premium (GPP)

$11.9 billion

11 billion yen

Life is equal to the annual bonus.

$996 million

$919 million

Farmer’s Exchange GWP

$6.9 billion

$5.3 billion

During this period, P&C’s GWP was $6.4 billion in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA); $4.6 billion North America; $823 million in Asia Pacific (APAC); And $671 million from Latin America.

Zurich in the EMEA market “GWP increased by 8% in relative prices. Strong growth in many countries, especially in the UK, Switzerland and Germany. Retail”. Insurance increased by 2%.

North America grew 17 percent a year. Overall productivity is supported by a 9% increase.

Similarly, by comparison, Asia Pacific and P&C Latin America grew by 11% and 21%, respectively.

“The war in Ukraine and the resulting humanitarian crisis is incomprehensible,” Quinn said. “The team and the Zurich Foundation provided financial and logistical support.

While the damage caused by the war is expected to be huge for the insurance industry, we do not expect the insurance claim to benefit the team. In fact, the team has had a strong start to the year and is looking to be the top financial target for 2022.

“In the group, especially in North America, we are seeing an increase in insurance premiums due to double-digit growth in real estate and insurance business, crop insurance and inflation,” the CFO added. Despite inflation, In 2023 we expect inflation to be higher than expected.

By the end of March, the results of the Swiss Solving Test (SST) conducted by the insurance team were estimated at 234 percent.

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Commenting on this, Quinn said: “The positive results in the first quarter give us confidence that we will successfully complete the current strategic cycle by the end of this year with the strongest team balance sheet.”

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