Why aren’t you able to increase your financial management abilities?

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You could think you’re getting better at first. But, for the sake of comparison, consider devoting the same amount of time and effort on the pano. Would your skill level in each be comparable after a few months of practicing these jobs for a few hours each week? Maybe.

Let’s make that a year-long timeframe. In comparison to your money management efforts, what would you be able to accomplish with a pen now? What will it be like in five years? road? You might easily be playing miracles on stage with that piano by now.

What’s the status of your money management skills and productivity? Still using your mobile app to keep track of your loose change after every cup of coffee you buy? You may understand at this point that no matter how many years you spend “practicing” money management, your skill level and productivity will never grow in comparison.

There’s just one reason your personal financial management and productivity have plateaued: your piano playing abilities.

Before you can start playing your first two-finger melody, you must first figure out where all the notes are on the keyboard (and where all the money is in your life) (actually, start making money management decisions). However, this is where your money management skills fall short and your piano skills shine.

Without a second thought, you’d assume that when you played that piano for the second time, all the notes on the keyboard were in the same spot as they were the first time. So, naturally, with “practice” (doing the same thing over and over; a key distinction), you can remember the position of the notes and progress to the next level, practicing manipulating those notes into the true skill-building aspect of performing a song.

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When managing your money for the second time, on the other hand, you’ll need to re-locate all of your notes (timeframes, income, spending, balances, and so on) because they’ve all switched positions since the last time you “practiced.”

You might discover at this stage that the only thing you’re practicing is finding notes.

The truth is that if you continue to manage your money in this manner, you’ll always have a new keyboard layout (financial image) in front of you. As a result, you’re basically beginning over every time. This is why you can’t enhance your money management skills at the same rate as you can your playing abilities.

Let’s flip this concept around and see how excellent you’d be at playing that same simple song on the piano after five years. If you had to figure out where all the notes were every time you sat down to play it? Maybe you noticed the issue right away and chose to employ the most up-to-date high-tech note-finding program. But how good are you at actually performing the song? Is it getting better? Let’s say it’s five years from now.

Because your comprehension, knowledge, and wisdom of the keyboard (your financial picture) would always be limited because it’s never the same, you’d come to realize that your performance level has never really gotten off the ground-and will never get off the ground.

Consider what would happen to the entire concept of money management if your money (timeframes, income, expenditures, balances, and so on) stayed exactly where you left it the previous time… and the time before that. Consider what occurs to a musician when his ability level develops at playing the piano to get a good notion of what that experience would be like.

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Consider how quickly a musician may cease thinking about the notes on the keyboard (imagine that!). The musician’s initial time and effort to “account” for the notes has naturally progressed to note organization and management (song рlауng/mоnee management). His solo playing becomes increasingly sophisticated and exact with time as a result of simple repetition and memory, but the ease and ease with which he performs them becomes more vital. His keyboard skills have improved to the point where they are fully intuitive (nvblе? ), and he is now operating at a higher level of mathematics, accomplishing so much more with such little effort.

Every day, tens of thousands of people engage in a variety of activities to accomplish a milestone. There’s only one reason you can’t achieve mаtеrу level if you’re currently putting time in money management: you’re note-finding for money.


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