What Offline Businesses Must Know About Online Marketing Complete Guide Digital Com

WeBranding Global Expands Digital Marketing Tools To Help SMEs Transform

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What Offline Businesses Must Know About Online Marketing Complete Guide Digital Com

New York, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 27, 2022 / WeBranding Global, a full-service creative agency and network marketing consulting service driven by a desire to unite and inspire people around the world through soul of the brand has recently integrated its revolutionary SaaS and artificial intelligence. Technologies to accelerate growth and provide solutions that help businesses compete in the global technology ecosystem.

The impact of Covid-19 has accelerated the growth of online marketing channels like e-commerce. Online retail sales have grown tremendously due to convenience and profitability. The pandemic has brought e-commerce to the forefront, especially in US markets, where consumers are spending more time online due to quarantines, national conditions and the closure of many factories.

Consumers are in the lead.

With the growing popularity of e-commerce and e-commerce platforms, direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales are poised to dominate the market. Up to 57% of brand manufacturers use the DTC model, making it the fastest growing e-commerce category.

These remote interactions, such as Direct-to-Consumer (DTC), digitization, and self-service, have exponentially expanded the world of SaaS. The SaaS industry is currently growing at 18% per year and is worth over $145 billion.

These days, SaaS solutions are fast and efficient and are the most promising option in these technological and digital times.

Shopify, a leading SaaS company, is the largest and most widely used SaaS platform today, with approximately seven times more requests than all other SaaS-based e-commerce platforms.


Providing personalized multi-channel customer service will play an important role in building brand awareness and spreading ideas early on.

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WeBranding Global partners with Shopify to provide organizations with large-scale business planning, custom website development, branding, overseas marketing solutions and services, and current strategies, helping businesses to create their own personalized multi-channel stores. .

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With strong creative and marketing skills, WeBranding Global can use SaaS and AI technologies to analyze business models; aims to find the target audience and provide businesses with accurate data. WeBranding Global is set to introduce an innovative SaaS platform for overseas marketing with an integrated Customer Analytics System (CIS) and Market Research System (MLS). Adding a digital customer engagement strategy will allow brands to meet customer expectations, making them a surprisingly strong frontrunner for delivering vertical SaaS solutions.

The move was requested by investors and received financial support of $1 million as part of the angelic cycle.

Big Data can offset the huge workload in growing areas. From customer service and management to marketing and social media, AI technologies can help SaaS companies take a more strategic stance.

As part of the strategy, organizations will understand the new norms for new technology customers and their touchpoints with digital technology, including how they affect consumer perception and brand loyalty.

WeBranding Global uses artificial intelligence to deliver superior marketing products and services. The CIS system uses extensive data collection and machine learning technology to combine data and the consumer portrait into an integrated system to position the target group of consumers. With this system, companies can effectively use foreign consumer information and use predictive digital marketing tools to optimize their marketing strategy, respond to various foreign marketing activities, and quickly enter the market.

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The MLS (Marketplace Listening System) is specially designed for companies to listen to the "voice of the customer" (VoC). Using big data and "artificial intelligence technology", the MLS system allows brands to summarize customer expectations, experiences, likes and dislikes of products or services. This helps to ensure that the company puts customer needs first, which ultimately helps in improving, developing and servicing the brand for unparalleled customer service.

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Through innovative technology and marketing divisions, WeBranding Global has enabled overseas companies to express their brands in a way that matches overseas target markets, optimizing their online presence and applying more accurate marketing tactics. With an extensive marketing consultancy network and an international team of dedicated professionals, WeBranding Global provides business intelligence, branding, integrated marketing and business support in a way that is revolutionizing the way companies approach commerce. cross-border electronics.

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