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Washington Week Ahead: Contentious Livestock Industry Reforms Set To Move

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What S Next For The Trans Pacific Partnership Tpp Council On Foreign Relations

This week, the Senate Agriculture Committee is expected to approve a proposal to weaken the market power of meat processors, but producers have long since split.

The Cattle Price Detection and Transparency Act will allow the Department of Agriculture to set a minimum level of trading in beef in exchange for money, and the Meat and Poultry Specialty Investigator Act will create a new office in the Packaging and Livestock Division of the United States Department of Agriculture. .United. investigate violations.

Arkansas Senator John Buzman, a senior Republican on the Senate Agriculture Committee, acknowledged that the committee would likely pass two bills despite opposition.

Last week, the House passed a version of the bill on special investigators as part of a series of actions that Democrats say will cut food and fuel costs. But it is unclear when and whether the Senate bill will receive universal suffrage.

Asked about the options the committee would have when it approved the bill, Senate Agriculture Chair Debbie Staben said, "Let's see how it goes."

A leading proponent of the Cattle Pricing and Transparency Opening Act, Senator Deb Fisher, Nebraska, said she hoped the entire Senate would consider her actions this fall.

It is not uncommon for Congress to pass a law on agriculture that separates farming groups. The Federation of American Farmers' Offices opposed the cash swap order and has expressed concern over the survey bill.

The National Livestock Association opposed both bills, but they were approved by the U.S. Livestock Association.

Again this week, the Supreme Court may announce before Tuesday that it will hear oral arguments over the Roundup herbicide lawsuit.

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The court is examining the Bayer petition, which is backed by dozens of farmer groups, legal conservatives and the United States Chamber of Commerce. The question is whether states can ask for wording other than those required by federal regulations on pesticide labels.

The technical question is whether the Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act precedes the requirements of state damage laws, as in the thousands of lawsuits filed by plaintiffs claiming that exposure to Roundup causes cancer. Monsanto and its supporters state that FIFRA expressly prohibits "labeling or packaging requirements other than or not other than FIFRA requirements".

On Wednesday, the House Agriculture Committee will hold another hearing on the company bill, this time focusing on the dairy program.

Then, on Saturday, the committee will hold a regional session in College, Arizona, hosted by Tom O'Halleron (Arizona), a member of the House of Representatives, and chaired by Cherry Bustas (Arizona), chair of the Agriculture and Risk Management Subcommittee. . Another trial is scheduled for July in California.

On Thursday, the House Budget Committee will discuss fiscal year 2023 spending bills for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food and Drug Administration, and the Future Merchandise Commission.

Total discretionary spending in the farm bill – the amount of funding subject to the annual credit bill – was 8% higher than Congress approved for the 22nd fiscal year ending September 30.

Spending is likely to drop significantly before it reaches President Joe Biden's desk: Republicans in the Senate are expected to approve spending levels for the 23rd year, which is expected to be postponed until the 2023 election.

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Homeowners will also start transferring their bills this week to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Environmental Protection Agency, Ministry of Labor and other relevant departments and agencies for agriculture.

Below is a list of farm or rural-related activities scheduled for this week in Washington and elsewhere (Eastern Time):

Monday 20 June

Federal holiday in June.

Tuesday 21 June

3:30pm EPA and Army Corps of Engineers hold virtual panel discussion in the Northeast about "US water" standards.

4:00 pm – Internal and Environmental Budget Subcommittee meeting to review Rayburn's 2023, 2359 expense bill.

4:00 p.m. – The United States Department of Agriculture publishes its weekly report on crop status.

17:30 – Meeting of Subcommittee on Energy and Water Credit Chamber 23, 2359 to review Rayburn's fiscal year expense accounts.

Wednesday June 22

09:30 – Senate Agriculture Committee Meeting S. 3870, Special Act on the Study of Meat and Poultry Year 2022 and S. 4030, Act on Transparency and Transparency of Livestock Prices 2022, 106 Dirksen.

09:30 – Senate Subcommittee on Trade, Justice and Credit Hearings, United States Trade Representative Catherine Ty, 192 Dirksen.

10:00 – House Farm Committee Session on Dairy Programs, 13:00, Longworth.

17.00 – House Subcommittee Meeting to discuss Rayburn Expenditure Bill 2359 on the Foreign Operations Budget.

19:00 – Meeting of the Budget Subcommittee of the Chamber of Commerce, Justice and Science 23, 2359 Rayburn for examination of expense accounts.

Thursday June 23

08:30 – The United States Department of Agriculture publishes a weekly report on export sales.

10:00 – House Budget Committee meeting 2300, 1100, to discuss the Longworth Agricultural Expenditure Bill.

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10:30 – Agriculture Chamber Subcommittee Hearing, "The Future of Digital Asset Regulation", 13:00 Longworth.

16:00 – HUD Subcommittee Meeting on the Domestic Transport Budget, 23, 2359 Rayburn, 2359 Rayburn Expenditure Bill.

17:30 – HHS Homework Credit Subcommittee Meeting 23, 2359 Rayburn Fiscal Year Billing.

Friday 24 June

9:00 – House Budget Committee meeting to discuss National Security, Financial Services and Government Expenditure Bill 2300, 11.100 Longworth.

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On January 6 the commission will hold its first public hearing on eight – 6/9.

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