Unexpectedly, Here Are 10+ Promising Sociology Job Prospects

Sociology Job Prospects

Sociology job prospects — Sociology graduates do what jobs, anyway? For those of you who are wondering like that, calm down! Sociology graduates can work as journalists, teachers, lecturers, or in HRD, you know. In addition, the job prospects for Sociology majors are varied because during college, they learn useful things to support a career in the humanities field.

As a Sociology graduate, you will also get the provision to work in the field of marketing to conduct market research to identify the type of market the company needs.

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If you are interested in this major, but are still unsure because you are confused about what career to pursue after graduation, this article will help you. The following is a summary of various information regarding the Sociology major, ranging from what is learned to an explanation of the Sociology job prospects in detail.

Why study in the Department of Sociology?

The following are reasons for choosing a sociology department that you can consider when taking the college entrance selection test.

Mastering the Ability to Support My Career

During college, you will learn various theories about sociology. Maybe, in high school, sociology was just a subject that was full of texts and felt boring. However, in college experience, you will master skills that are useful to support your career, you know. These capabilities are as follows.

  • can make observations well.
  • good research skills.
  • can understand social phenomena.
  • mastering analytical skills.
  • able to communicate well.
  • Critical thinking

Extensive Career Opportunities in

The career opportunities for graduates majoring in sociology are very wide. Because sociology graduates can become teachers, lecturers, journalists, media planners, HRD researchers for companies so that they can market their products well.

Studying humans and the environment

During college, you will study humans and the environment. That way, you’ll be able to adapt well in society and deal with a variety of human traits and personalities with ease.

Trained to be a researcher

The reason for choosing another sociology major is that you are trained to be a researcher. because you are used to doing observations and research. So, when compiling a research report, you will be very detailed in taking various research materials.

It Can Create a Positive Influence for Society.

By understanding people and the environment, you can act well in society. So, you can distribute benefits and positives to the community and the environment where you are.

To have the above abilities, you will study the following materials while studying in the Department of Sociology:

  • Scientific Writing and Critical Thinking
  • Social analysis
  • Social problems
  • Rural Sociology
  • “Sociology of Health”
  • Sociology of Law
  • Gender Sociology
  • Sociology of development
  • Participatory action research
  • Sociology of Economics
  • Sociology of tourism
  • Social Typology
  • Social Psychology
  • Sociology of Communication
  • Social Institutions
  • Urban Sociology
  • City Ecology
  • Family Sociology
  • Sociology of law
  • Industrial Sociology
  • Research methods
  • Sociology of culture
  • Political Sociology
  • The Sociology of Corruption
  • Classical Socialism
  • Social Stratification
  • Poverty and Inequality Problems
  • Social technology
  • Community empowerment
  • Community development
  • Deviant behavior
  • Social welfare
  • Modern Social Theory

and many more that I can’t write all here.

The Most Promising Sociology Job Prospects

Sociology Job Prospects

Above, you already know some sociology job prospects. Below, KitaLulus will explain further the sociology job prospects that you can choose for your career path.

Sociologist and social commentator

The first job prospect in sociology is that of a sociologist. As a sociologist, you already have the skills from your sociology course.

  • observing and studying social phenomena in society. Events that are developing
  • Making analysis as a policy reference in solving social problems
  • Conducting research on the community environment to then be linked to the sociological theory of social phenomena
  • ability to read social phenomena, policy analysis, bureaucracy, and socio-economics.

With basic sociology skills, you will often be interviewed by the media or invited by television to discuss important events that are developing in society.

Educator (Teacher/Lecturer)

To become a trusted professional educator, both as a teacher and a lecturer, you must have an educator certification. For a lecturer career, you must continue to study at least S2 in a similar major.

With a career as an educator or lecturer, in addition to getting a fixed salary, you also have the opportunity to get external projects, research grants, resource persons, official travel expenses, and seminars. Apart from that, you also have the opportunity to have a structural career where you teach.


With a wealth of sociological knowledge, you can also become a social consultant. The consultant’s job is to provide input, advice to clients. Of course, suggestions and input are processed through an in-depth analysis process. With the provision of sociological knowledge, you can now become a social consultant, whose income is quite large.

The Community Empowerment Facilitator

The main task of the empowerment facilitator is to assist the community during the empowerment process. This program can be from the government or from the company’s CSR. With problem identification, planning, and community mobilization skills, this career is perfect for sociology graduates.


Activists are the next sociology job prospect. An activist generally works in a non-governmental organization or other institution that has a vision of providing support to the environment or underprivileged communities. They will also accompany clients who need support.

Armed with sociological knowledge, you can provide assistance and advocacy to the community. When you study sociology, you get used to thinking critically and having populist instincts, so it is not difficult for sociology graduates to become activists.


Everyone from various majors can indeed become a journalist. However, with you having the provision of a major in Sociology, You have acquired the ability to interview for research and dig up data and information. Of course, this is very supportive of a career as a journalist.

With basic journalism skills and improvisation with sociology, you will be able to write and present quality journalistic information.

market researcher

Market researcher is another sociology job opportunity.This role will be responsible for:

  • Identify changes in marketing elements required by the company’s target market. The behavior of the target market is dynamic because it is attached to individuals or society. With the ability to understand people’s behavior and trends, you will be able to identify changes and predict the future of marketing.
  • decided to do something about the potential opportunities to expand the market.
  • Prepare a marketing plan for a product.

social worker

You know, being a social worker is not easy. You must have a sensitivity to the environment to have a high sense of empathy. Some of the duties of a social worker are:

  • Provide direction to the surrounding community who will be given assistance.
  • conduct research and observations to collect data on social issues.
  • Analyzing the data that has been collected to be presented as data that is used to help the surrounding community in need of change

The main purpose of social workers is not to earn their main income, but to help others.


author of academic books on sociology, author of books on social dynamics, sociological theory development, and research monographsAs a sociology graduate, you can also write popular books on economics and business. You can easily write books or articles because you have deep research skills.


Sociology’s next job prospect is to become a researcher. Of course, this career field will no doubt be mastered by sociology graduates. Because during the course of sociology, you have been equipped with research methodologies, from the basics to implementation.

Public Relations

Public relations are always needed by various companies to expand their market and maintain relationships with clients and customers. The duties of public relations are:

  • designing the right communication program according to the company’s image
  • Carry out formal communication with clients on an ongoing basis.
  • Evaluate the client so that there is a good relationship.

Well, because you get materials on sociology of communication and industrial sociology in college, this career is also appropriate for sociology graduates.

Human Resource Development (HRD).

To have qualified employees, HRD, of course, has a big role to play. With analytical skills, you will certainly have studied human resources, social resources, economic resources, and others during the sociology course. Of course, this can support you for a career as an HRD.

Community Officer

If you become a community officer at a bank, you will have the task of providing assistance to customers to conduct business in accordance with the company’s values.

The position of community officer in an ordinary company will be in charge of managing the community so that it can support the company’s vision and mission.

Research and development (R&D)

As an R& D employee, you must perform duties and responsibilities such as:

  • Manage the budgeted funds to conduct the necessary research and observations.
  • Conduct tests and make test kits to conduct research.
  • Ensure all information can be used to create a new product for the company.

Those are 10+ sociology job prospects that you can use as a reference for your future career. These kinds of careers look fun and challenging, don’t they? Of all the job prospects above, which one do you like?

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