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Some Nestlé Employees In Ukraine Quit Over The Company’s Decision To Keep Doing Business With Russia, A Report Says

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  • Many Nesle employees in Ukraine have resigned for the company, Reuters reported.
  • "I'm sorry to hear that the staff is gone," one executive said in an internal email.
  • According to a Reuters report, many Western companies have cut off trade with Russia, and some are still facing strong opposition in Ukraine and other Eastern European countries.

    According to Nestlé, the shop was vacated by Swiss food company Russia, including some Nesle employees in Ukraine.

    He said he was "deeply saddened" by the news of the workers' release and was "deeply disturbed" by the news on social media, Reuters reported.

    "We have done everything we can to support them and their families," Nesle's spokesman told the publication.

    At the beginning of the war, Nesley said it had about 5,800 workers in Ukraine, but many had fled the country. The company said it had offered discounts on staff advancement, relocation assistance, emergency packages, legal and immigration advice, and other Nestlé-run businesses. He said the factory in Poland had been partially relocated to workers who had crossed the border and their families.

    After invading Ukraine in late February, Western companies, including MacDonald, Goldman Sachs and Papal, were attracted to Russia.

    Nestle, a producer of products such as Cherios Grains, Gerber Baby Food and Nescafe Coffee, has continued to sell its products in Russia despite some advertising, capital investments and "small imports and exports" in Russia.

    Ukrainian President Vladimir Putin has launched an attack on the company, using "low-cost PR" to block its decision to continue trading in Russia in "greed". "I do not understand," said Mark Schneider, chief executive of Ukrainian Prime Minister Dennis Schmidt.

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    Some employees of Liviv, a company in eastern Ukraine, have also sent an open letter to Schneider on Nelsle's internal notice board, stating that they feel "betrayed" by its actions in Russia, Reuters reported.

    On March 23, Nesle announced that it would stop selling most of its products in Russia, including KitKat and Niskik brands, but would continue to sell essential products such as baby food and health food.

    "Even if we make no profit in the country or expect to pay taxes in Russia any time soon, all profits will go to humanitarian organizations," the company said. A.D. By 2021, sales in Russia were $ 1.82 billion, or 2% of the company's gross domestic product.

    "All work related to the Russian operation is currently being carried out nationally by seven factories and more than 7,000 workers," Nesle told Reuters.

    "(In my team) we have stopped working with Russia and we do not want to work with them," Nestle's staff in Lovew told Reuters.

    Nestlé did not immediately respond to a request from Insider.

    Nestle employees are not the only ones who are outraged that their company continues to operate in Russia.

    In March, Reuters reported on social media that Dirk van de Putt, chief of staff of 130 US food companies based in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, had asked them to suspend all activities in Russia. The head office said it strongly opposed the decision to stay in Russia, saying all taxes and wages "would feed the army and kill many Ukrainians."

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    "We support our colleagues, not the decisions of their governments," Mendelsz European President Vincennes Grouer responded to the message.

    What does the crisis in Ukraine tell us about the future of equity capitalism?

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