QAnon Leaders Push Followers Into MultiLevel Marketing

How The Patriot Movement Az Became A Political Force In Arizona
How The Patriot Movement Az Became A Political Force In Arizona

In a live broadcast for GAnon fans in December, conspiracy theorist Phil Godlewski announced the silver purchase, saying it was key to their financial future.

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Precious metal, Godlewski said, some QAnon believers said the price could explode soon after the law is passed. Income tax will be cancelled, debt will be canceled and everyone who has money will become very rich.

But Godlevsky did not want his supporters to take money from a company. Instead, he told them to buy 7k Metals, a tiered trading platform and metals trader.

Godlewski and other top QAnon conspiracy theorists have found a new way to make money from sponsors.

MLM used to be the realm of leggings and essential oil, attracting new vendors and new members. But now QAnon leaders are trying to act.

Although many MLMs are legal, some have been likened to illegal pyramid schemes, in which new members pay to join without being given the option to return their money. Disappointed, MLM members complained that their income had not been realized and that they were in debt.

Bitcoin turns candidate QAnon fundraiser into tragedy

Birr sells more than 7,000 metals A recent deal with Godlevsky, who was arrested last year with a fake check for more than $21,000 and then escaped fake bank accounts. In 2010, Godlevsky was charged with sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy. He later pleaded guilty to a criminal charge.

Godlewski is not alone. More and more QAnon advertisers have been able to promote multi-level marketing companies to generate revenue for their audience.

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QAnon Online "Richard Citizen Journalist" encourages Richard Pokkneri In 2020, the epidemic has spread to other parts of the country, establishing hospitals and recognizing them in Sierra Leone.

This spring came a strong message to Potkiner supporters: it's time to buy some silver. According to Godlevsky, he partnered with 7K Metals to bring his fans into MLM.

'Patriots can't sit still' Potkner urged his supporters to spend their pensions on cash.

Although the business relationship between QAnon promoters and MLM companies is uncertain, Godlevsky and Potkner could greatly benefit from being considered "surplus" for viewers joining 7k Metals.

Godlewski, Potcner and 7k Metals did not respond to comments.

QAnon leaders aren't just selling money. Tomahawk supporter Scott McKay, who has spoken openly about murdering Democrats on stage, has appeared at protests across the country as the "Patriot Street Fighter."

In a March Telegram post, McKay urged fans to prepare for Operation Tomahawk. He spoke at length about the project and promised to open up an "economic war zone" that would liberate and "liberate" businesses.

"We're bringing in millions, then tens of millions," McKay said in the video.

Mackey Operation Tomahawk has become another Patriot Switch, another direct selling tiered trading platform. QAnon followers then invited Patriot Switch to buy their products, "thereby supporting businesses that promote independence." In a video he shared with his followers, McKay promised to hire new employers through the company.

McKay did not respond to a request for comment.

The MLM app hasn't always been smooth for QAnon data. Attempts to win over Godlevsky's supporters in 2021 AD were thwarted by Godelovsky's conservative and destructive activist Janet Green. Gary told the Daily Trust in an email in December that he had spoken to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies about the Godlevsky silverware. (Godlevsky is not charged with any crime related to the sale of silver).

GAnon Celeb is looking to quit the Olympics to run for Congress in Arizona.

Godlevsky was found guilty of defamation in federal court in Pennsylvania last year. Gary Godlevsky says he encouraged his followers to change their 401(k) retirement account to 7k Metal.

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