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Meet The Canadian Marketing VCs That Help Vet Marc Andreessens Memes

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Spacekadet presents itself as “marketing capitalism” – Canadian founders Daniel Eclair and Wiss “Wiz” Abdullah – an investor who became a paired marketer with two results.

In the early stages, Eclair says, startups seem “impossible,” and it can be hard to tell a good story. Join SpaceCadet, a New York-based venture firm that hopes to help startups tell these stories.

To date, SpaceCadet has raised $ 12.5 million from a long list of prominent venture capitalists, venture companies and technology leaders, including A16z (GP) general partners Mark Andreessen and Clearco co-founder Andrew D’Souza Chris Dixon. Founder of Slack. Stuart Butterfield, founder of Bain Capital of Boston and Gradient Ventures of San Francisco.

“We understand that there are very few venture capitalists who can help marketing startups,” Daniel Eclair said.

Through Spacecadet, Eclair and Abdullah are looking to build their next steps by providing marketing support to first-tier startups. On the other hand, the company also sees an opportunity to play a role by helping potential partners in private and corporate projects (LPs) identify potential investment opportunities.

“Often these processors attract us to venture capital marketing,” Abdullah Betakit said.

As part of the latest round, Greg Castle, lead investor of Anorak Ventures, invited Spacecadet to help work on Nashville’s Real Help Story as a “VC marketing firm”. Practical care provides continuous therapy.

"Okay, this guy is great, he knows what he wants to do, but they really need help with the story," Abdullah said. "You also have to invest, and let's work together on this story."

Eclair says marketing can be difficult for startups at an early stage. "Companies that are still at the earliest stage, especially those in which we want to invest, are looking at the impossible," he told Betakit. "It's great, crazy ideas, pictures of the moon, things that make it very difficult – especially if you're a founder who's not into marketing or history – to tell a really good story about it."

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Sometimes Spacecadet says Spacecadet can help companies tell their stories in 30-60 minutes after a phone call, and other times it takes a “quick story” process that can take days. “There are really no risks and they can make big profits in a short amount of time,” he said.

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“I think people are looking at us and saying,‘ Oh, if we bring up SpaceCadet, we can be sure they continue to raise money with this founder and tell the whole story. “We will introduce them to other strong investors,” Eclair said.

Abdullah says that because of the strength of the deal and the results the company can achieve, big business capitalists are also leaning towards SpaceCadet.

Abdullah said: “We have made great progress in the first 36 companies. “We had 14 prices, and [sic] we were well ahead of Andreessen, Founders Fund, Lux Capital, GGV, [and] Accel. It was "Hey, these guys have an interesting flow of deals."

Abdullah, on the other hand, shared a secret text group with a group of people, including Dixon and Andreessen, who had been trolling Twitter users for more than two weeks with the message “I support current affairs”. "Mark shared some memes before posting on Twitter, as well as some excerpts before," Abdullah said.

Prior to the launch of SpaceCadet, Abdullah was a co-founder of two technology startups, Hazel and Rise People, which were acquired in 2019.

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Earlier, Eclair launched the men’s blog network about lifestyle EveryGuyed and the social network for photo sharing Piccsy, acquired in 2011 and 2014 respectively, as well as the e-commerce app Mylo. He also advises companies such as Coca-Cola, Facebook, Lego, Netflix, Nike, Spotify and TickTock.

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Amid growing competition in the investment environment, both Eclair and Abdullah hope to use their past experience to fill a gap in the startup ecosystem at an early stage, Eclair told BetaKit that “almost no capital” with the brand’s marketing experience.

“We understand that there are very few venture capitalists who can really help marketing startups, especially in our form,” Eclair said.

Eclair and Abdullah quickly realized that if they wanted to help marketing startups, they had to start marketing themselves.

SpaceCadet has taken a very unique approach to fundraising, raising interest through an animated presentation and a duck hunting game that gives players a chance to win $ 10,000 of their money. According to Business Insider, as a result of this strategy, SpaceCadet received 15 applications for LP on the first day.

Contact: ContentFly raised $ 11.2 million in Canadian dollars

In addition to Andresen, Dixon, D'Souza, Butterfield, Bain and Gradient, the SpaceCadet LP list includes other partners a16z, Susa Ventures Physician, Hunter Walk from Homebrew and Google, Salesforce, Instagram, LinkedIn and Airbnb. Another. Read more

Although most LP agencies have supported SpaceCadet to enter into a stream of contracts as part of its “intelligence strategy,” Abdullah said SpaceCadet provides tools to build deeper relationships with smaller companies at an early stage. Pay attention to possible deals. Or they have large debts before the audit.

SpaceCadet writes small checks for 100 100,000 for seeds before and after sowing seeds, especially when participating in large tournaments. The company expects to sign 120 contracts in three years.

"He will come to the next fundraiser and we will help you create a story for this fundraiser." – Wiz Abdul

Abdullah described the added value of SpaceCadet as “very limited” compared to an accelerator, incubator or large investor. “We will be there until the next fundraiser and help you raise history to raise that money,” he said. "So we have a clear goal, and it's an important time for both of us. We want them to keep doing good, and they want to do good."

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To date, SpaceCadet has invested in six Canadian companies, including ALT TEX, ContentFly, Practice and Ready and Like.

The first goal of SpaceCadet was to raise 6 million. But by December, the company had reached $ 8.5 million, and in the press it had reached $ 12.5 million. The campaign’s “increased goal” is to raise $ 15 million in funding, and Eclair and Abdullah said they are interested in attracting more Canadian records and more deals with Canada.

“In Canada, especially in the early stages, the ecosystem of seed and seed entrepreneurial capital is still very early,” Abdullah said, referring to the number of investors in the country and the investment dollar. There are "3,000 sowing funds ahead." "

In this situation, SpaceCadet saw an opportunity to help Canadian companies and investors join the “largest” investor base originally available in the United States.

“We can be very helpful to our Canadian portfolio companies if they are thinking about modernizing their next round,” Abdullah said. “We are always ready to attract Canadian investors to the investment table and take part. If we have access to a larger investor base, it will open up more opportunities for them. "

With a file by Douglas Soltis.

Photo courtesy of SpaceCadet.

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