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Marketing Agency Reinforces Platform For Growth With Move To New Premises

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We Help Companies Create A Better Employee Experience Kazoo

Marketing director Hal Diony has doubled the team in the last 12 months and completed the new database expansion.

Five years ago, CEO Asterir Osulivan moved from Hull's Old Town to the former publishing center of WORX newspaper and has since developed into a local business hub. Allenby affairs.

The campaign is set to run for more than two years. Delays caused by Vivid were used to set up a state-of-the-art 1,500m² office to support Diony's growing team.

The new home will accommodate a group of 15 people who grew up eight years ago, including Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Harvin, to continue to expand and find employment.

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Diony doubles his winnings every year, more than the previous two on the high street.

"This move has given us more resources and will support our expansion plans this year," Osulivan said.

“We support big brands across the country, including vending machines across Europe, through our information-based services, improved online sales and an ever-expanding digital world.

"But even if we commit to Hull, we only want to see 30 percent of what we're doing here."

added Harvey. "We want to create something that our employees are proud of – flexible working, attractive benefits.

"Diony's healthy year-on-year growth supports our goals of providing exciting business development opportunities for our company."

Allenby received Commercial WORX from the Daily Mail and General Trust in 2016, and Halle Daily Mail still owns the building.

Other tenants include Promise Life Insurance, Planet Gym, Mad Volume Indoor Scooter, and Springboard Nursery. Dion's arrival takes place inside the building.

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Allenby Business Development Manager Charlie Allanby says Alistair has come up with great innovations and is impressed with the overall quality of the build and renovation, as well as other companies we represent. modern variable.

“The standards have changed in the last two years. All we have to do is make the universe work for humans. It has never been more powerful than now.”

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