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Learning Business: Norge Elementary Students Open Coffee Cart

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James City County, Virginia (Wave) – A lot can be said about the Joe Cup. For many of us, that cup of coffee can start in the morning.

This is a commendable salary for the staff of Norse Elementary School in James City County. But their coffee carbs mean more than caffeine.

Here's how to teach students life lessons: one cup at a time.

At Norse Elementary School, she not only teaches reading, writing and math, but also teaches students how to relate real-life experiences overnight.

Lots of llama coffee on the porch of Norg Primary School.

A coffee cart created by three teachers to help students with disabilities learn skills they can apply in the real world.

"They learn to communicate with their peers, to follow instructions, to follow text. And to combine other things for the whole project." says Norine Eletover, a primary school student from Norway.

Get kids out of the classroom and create real-world experiences like engaging in conversation and making a difference. They basically run a business.

Madison Kent, a member of Norse Elementary School, "builds confidence. And their ability to be part of their community."

The coffee cart costs $1.50 for coffee, tea or chocolate. Students must log in and pay. The money goes to a bank account.

So you know what it's like to deposit and what it's like to withdraw. We associate them with addition and subtraction. So when you post something, you add something. "When you pull something, you drop it," Kent said.

Finally, learn about the benefits of finding a job and earning a living.

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"What do you get when you work hard? What do you get?" Asked a student from Westgate.

"Capital?" A student answered.

"You get the money – yes!" Westover Dr.

In addition to making coffee, coffee students learn business skills and at the same time develop self-confidence and self-confidence.

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