How to Control Blood Sugar For Diebetic Type 1 & 2

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As a person with diabetes, of course, you must know how to control blood sugar to keep it normal. Diabetes itself is a type of metabolic disorder that causes blood sugar levels in the body to be too high.

People with diabetes must have a healthy lifestyle and routinely undergo medication to keep blood sugar under control. Especially people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes can carry out their daily activities normally and productively by implementing a healthy lifestyle.

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If you do not control your body’s sugar levels correctly, it can harm the body of people with diabetes. Instead of getting better, it will cause complications with various chronic diseases. Then how to control the body’s blood sugar levels?

Several Ways How to Control Blood Sugar

Apart from consuming drugs or injecting insulin, diabetics should also adopt a healthy life to control blood sugar levels in the body. Some ways to control blood sugar levels can be done with the following things:

1. Consume Healthy Food

One of the factors that have the most influence on a person’s blood sugar levels is food choice. Diabetic patients must be selective in determining food intake not to cause body sugar to increase drastically.

Avoid foods with a high glycemic index, calories, high fat and limit sources of simple carbohydrates. In addition, also avoid fast food processing instant.

Remember that people with diabetes do not mean you should not consume carbohydrates at all. However, you can outsmart it by getting a good source of carbohydrates, for example, by choosing brown rice.

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2. Control Your Meal Portions

The following way how to control blood sugar is to control the portion you eat. So do not just focus on the type of food, but also have to control the portion you eat with the following considerations:

1. Eat in moderation, do not lack or too much

2. It is better to eat small portions but often every day

3. Avoid eating at restaurants with the all you can eat concept

4. Pay attention to the composition of the food or drink in the package to know what it contains

5. Eat slowly so that it can be digested properly by the body

how to control blood sugar

3. Exercise Regularly

As a person with diabetes, you should not be lazy, and you should move more often by doing regular exercise. Exercise helps build muscle mass that requires much glucose to control blood sugar.

Exercise can be done regularly two to three times a week. By exercising, the body’s cells will also be more responsive to the hormone insulin to prevent its resistance.

Types of exercise suitable for people with diabetes include swimming, brisk walking, jogging, yoga, cycling and lifting weights. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor first to determine which type of exercise is most appropriate for your health condition.

4. Manage Stress Well

Managing stress well is also an important way how to control blood sugar. Stress causes the release of cortisol or the stress hormone, which causes blood glucose to rise.

In addition, stress makes the desire to snack or eat sweet foods higher. As a result, consumption of sweet foods will cause glucose levels in the body to be higher.

Some ways to manage the stress that you can do include the following:

1. Perform the breathing technique by taking a deep breath and then exhaling slowly.

2. Listen to relaxing music

3. Doing yoga

4. Take time to enjoy hobbies. Make sure these hobbies do not affect blood sugar

5. Do not keep your sadness or problems to yourself. You can talk to close friends or medical professionals if you have a complaint

5. Rest Enough

Another way to control your body’s glucose is to make sure you get enough rest each day. Lack of sleep will affect the quality of your health, including disrupting insulin secretion.

Ideally, get enough rest with between 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Adequate sleep will balance hormones and avoid stress to be more energetic when you are active the next day. That way, blood sugar levels are also more controlled.

6. Taking Supplements

Taking supplements is not required for diabetics. However, supplements can serve as an additional intake of vitamins and minerals that are good for maintaining health.

Several vitamins and minerals can help maintain the body’s glucose levels, including the following:

1. Vitamin C: controlling the amount of cholesterol and blood glucose of diabetic patients

2. Vitamin D: keep the body’s glucose normal

3. Vitamin E: as an antioxidant to prevent complications with other dangerous diseases such as heart disease, visual impairment and kidney failure, which are susceptible to diabetes patients

4. Magnesium: magnesium deficiency is often experienced by diabetics due to taking drugs, so an alternative can be to take supplements that contain magnesium

7. Check Your Diabetes Condition Periodically

Control of blood sugar is not enough by implementing a healthy living culture. However, this disease cannot be cured entirely, requiring medical monitoring.

You can check your own body’s glucose using a test kit that can be purchased at a health store. However, to ensure that your health condition progresses, you should still have regular check-ups with your doctor.

You can check at the nearest Hospital. Come on, discuss the best way to control blood sugar through online services or by going directly to the nearest Hospital.

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