How To Clear Android Cache To Speed Up Performance

How To Clear Android Cache

How to clear android cache: Is the performance of your Android phone slowing down? If that’s the case, it may be due to many cache memory never cleared. In some cases, this can cause your Smartphone to operate slowly and lag. Of course, this isn’t comforting, considering the high mobility of smartphone users.

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Some people believe that rebooting or restarting an Android smartphone will restore its performance. Rebooting or restarting an Android phone to make it feel faster is the wrong way; it is only temporary while the result may be faster. On Android, the most appropriate method is to delete junk files or cache. When using an Android phone, junk files are created in the same way on computers.

How to Clear Android Cache Without Using Apps

Cache helps speed up the data transfer process in both the browser and application, but on the other hand, it also burdens the memory quota. That’s why some people choose to clear the cache at a particular time, including Android.

Clearing cache doesn’t always have to use apps. The Android operating system has prepared a built-in tool to perform this task. This tutorial will discuss how to clear the cache on Android using this method without installing any applications.

Clearing the Cache on Android

How To Clear Android Cache

Junk or cache files that continue to accumulate in memory will slow down Android phones’ performance. To clear the cache on Android memory, you can choose two ways: the first way you can delete it manually, and the second way you can delete it using an application. For a complete explanation, please refer to the following methods and guidelines. For example we use Samsung, Huawei android phone

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Clear cache of Samsung Android phones

Currently, there are so many Samsung users. Until now, Samsung remains the smartphone manufacturer with the most sales and users globally, followed by Huawei and Apple. Well, for you Samsung users, clearing the cache is very easy to do. You can take advantage of the Device Care feature to do this.

Some of the features that you can use, such as Optimal, are just one click and all junk files are deleted, and empty storage space. While in the Memory section, you can see the cache usage of installed applications (frequently opened or used). For more details, you can see the following method.

1. First, enter the Settings menu, then later you select Device Maintenance. If you want to try clearing the memory of all temporary files and optimizing all system and application performance, try tapping Optimize Now.

2. That way, the smartphone will work more optimally than before.

3. Tap Done when the process is successful.

How to Delete an App’s Cache Manually

First, you can try clearing the cache on certain apps. For example, if you want to clear the cache on the Instagram application. For example, manually clearing the application cache on a Huawei cellphone, then you have to go to Application management on a Huawei cellphone. And to do so, you can see an example below.

• Go to Settings » Apps & Notifications » Apps » Select “App Name” Storage » tap “Clear Cache.”

Furthermore, you can also use Phone Management to clean cache more optimally. Just one click, then what can delete all caches on all applications, which significantly saves your time. Not only on Huawei phones, but this kind of application also exists on other devices.

• STEP 1: First, to do this, you can open the Phone Management application on your Huawei smartphone. Select Clean, then wait until the scanning process is complete, and after that, you tap again Clean to clean all cache files until clean.

• STEP 2: Then, to do a memory boost, try to tap Optimize, then wait until the process of optimizing memory usage is complete, which aims to optimize memory usage, especially in applications that you run frequently. Pretty easy, isn’t it!

What is the best way to clear the cache on an iPhone?

The method for clearing cache on an iPhone differs from clearing the cache on an Android phone. Because the operating systems on the two smartphones are different. We’re sure there are still a lot of iPhone users who aren’t aware of how to do this. As a result, we’ve included a tutorial below.

Clear Safari Cache on iPhone

First, we’ll show you how to clear the cache in the Safari app on your iPhone. As we all know, Safari is the browser of choice for most iPhone users. The cache in Safari grows in size as the application is used more frequently. As a result, it must be removed regularly. Please see the instructions below for more information.

1. Go to your iPhone’s Settings menu.

2. Next, select Safari from the drop-down menu.

3. After that, select Clear History and Website Data.

4. A pop-up will appear, stating that Safari will delete your history, cookies, and browsing data. Then select Clear History and Data from the menu.

Clear iPhone App Cache

How to clear cache on iPhone applications, please follow the following tutorial

1. Go to the iPhone’s Settings menu.

2. After that, go to the General menu.

3. Finally, go to the iPhone Storage menu.

4. When you go to the iPhone Storage menu, you’ll see a list of all the apps that have been installed on your iPhone.

5. Please choose an application to cache from the drop-down menu.

6. The application memory information, which includes App Size and Documents & Data, will appear after that.

7. Finally, click the Delete App button to remove the application.

8. A pop-up will appear, instructing you to delete the application. Please select Delete App from the drop-down menu.

9. The application will then be deleted, which will erase the cache.

Using PhoneClean

please first download the PhoneClean application, then follow each step below.

1. Download the PhoneClean application via the website

2. Please install the application that has been downloaded. Then connect your iPhone to your computer or laptop using a data cable

3. Next, open the PhoneClean application, then click Scan

4. After the scan process is complete, then click Clean

PhoneClean is available in a Free Trial version and a Pro version with more complete features. Please try the tutorial to find out the greatness of the application in clearing the cache on the iPhone.

Clear WhatsApp Cache

WhatsApp is a chat application that you use often. Emphasize information and communication with friends, business associates, or groups as a place to chat with friends to make the space in the main memory fill up quickly. You need to know that all chat data is stored in the main memory. When a message comes in, that’s when the message is stored.

The buildup will be seen and felt if you have used WhatsApp for an extended period, whether it’s one month, two months, or up to a year. The solution, try to clean the database that you feel needs to be deleted or is no longer used. Since I am using a Realme smartphone, I show the method of doing it on a Realme device. For other smartphones, of course, you can adjust it.

1. Open the Phone Manager application, then select Clear Memory. This option is the same as before; you will undoubtedly find it easy to do.

2. Select WhatsApp Cleaner. Tap Clean Now to delete all junk files on WhatsApp. For further options, you can also clean other files such as photos, videos, audio, and specific files if you feel they are no longer needed.

3. Pretty easy, isn’t it!

4. Done.

How to clear android cache with apps

Clear cache with Clean Master

The next option is you can try cleaning junk files using Clean Master. The application was developed by Cheetah Mobile, which has been downloaded more than 1 billion by Android users. Without you knowing it, the default applications from Android devices such as manager, Phone Manager, and Security also work with developers from Clean Master. This means that the functions and uses are almost the same.

For example, the Junk Files feature is used to clear cache; Antivirus is used for scanning, then Power Saver is used for battery management. To use it, you can see the following method.

1. First, you have to download the Clean Master application through the Google Play Store for free.

2. If it has been downloaded and you have successfully installed it. Open the Clean Master app, then select Junk Files to analyze all the junk on your Android memory. The analysis process will continue. If the smartphone requires permission, tap Allow.

3. When the process has finished clearing all cache memory, click Clean Junk and wait until the cleaning process is complete.

4. Easy and simple enough for you to follow; good luck!

5. Done.

Thus the guide on cleaning the Android cache so that it doesn’t slow down. I hope it is functional.

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