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Hisense Celebrates Mother’s Day, Making Every Moment Incredible Through Technology And Interactive Campaign

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Lin On Twitter Harry Styles Poster Poster Prints Tour Posters

Qingdao, China, May 8, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Mothers are the heart of every family, support their family, and allow all family members to live happily ever after. On Mother’s Day, Hisens congratulates mothers and women around the world for their contributions to family and society, empowering every mother and consumer to empower them to create a more enjoyable environment and life through Hisensen’s cutting-edge initiatives and technology.

#Remember your name, thank you mom

As a globally socially responsible initiative, Hisens focuses on the advancement of women. As a sponsor of Hisense Women’s Euro 2022TM, Hisense is committed to developing women’s sport by encouraging women athletes and encouraging all women to fulfill their dreams. In addition, Hisense strives to see and create the best life experiences for all women and their families, so that women can have a better life whenever and wherever they exercise.

On Mother’s Day, to thank women and mothers for helping women in all areas of their daily lives and careers, Hisense launched an interactive social networking campaign #RememberTheName to encourage clients to post sensitive stories and express gratitude to mothers. . Meanwhile, as a sensitive Mother’s Day gift, customers who join the campaign will have a chance to win tickets to the exciting UEFA EURO 2022TM Women’s Championship in July and have fun with their beloved mothers. Since the start of the campaign, Hisens has received a large number of participants and encouraging stories, and this season of gratitude has been spent and celebrated with consumers around the world.

Advanced technology to make family life better and more colorful

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After a hard day to give mothers and women a chance to enjoy life, Hisense has been creating quality products for many years, using technology that makes consumer life easier and better.

For example, to watch football in the hot summer, every family has to prepare a frozen drink; To alleviate the tedious task of making ice, Hisense PureFlat’s ice and chilled water supply features allow customers to quickly access large amounts of ice and save effort so they can enjoy the football game better.

In recent years, many consumers have increased the need to protect their eyes when watching TV, which can increase eye fatigue, especially when watching football matches for a long time; So to protect the eyes of consumers when watching TV, Hisense laser TV is designed to prevent eye damage, to help every mother protect the eyes of her children or relatives when they watch TV to save their mother's anxiety.

Mother’s Day is a special time to celebrate the contributions of mothers and women around the world. Hisens knows and appreciates all the beautiful women and mothers in the community. From now on, Hisens will continue to inspire women around the world to create more enjoyable moments for all women and consumers using technology and quality products.

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