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Financial Advisors Make Bank In This State (& You Can Too)

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If you are looking for a career path that helps people grow their wealth and make difficult life decisions, then working as a financial advisor might be for you. Working as a financial advisor is within your reach even if you are looking for a career change. Florida financial advisors must meet the exam requirements to work, but there are plenty of training opportunities to help you find the right job. Also, financial advisors who keep their practice must follow established rules to continue their business.

Consider working with a financial advisor when creating or updating your financial plan.

4 Steps to Becoming a Financial Advisor in Florida

There are many career paths to becoming a financial advisor and there is no single way to do it. Some steps required, for example. B. Pass the professional exam while everything else is in your hands, eg. B. Certificate required. Here are four simple steps to become a Florida State Financial Advisor:

1. Get a degree

You don't have to get a college degree as a first step to becoming a financial advisor, but it's a good first step to building the financial foundation you need to start advising others. Starting a financial career without bac + 4 is becoming increasingly difficult, but possible. The focus of your studies is also in your hands, but the more courses you take in the areas of accounting, investments and finance, the better you will do in the financial advisory exam.

2. Pass the required exam

To sell securities to clients, you must pass Series 7 or the General Securities Representative License. This study covers all the fundamentals of investment and stock implementation that all financial advisors need to know. Additionally, Series 63 reviews allow advisors to sell securities in a variety of states, and Series 65 allows advisors to charge clients an advisory fee. You can only become a Consultant with a Series 7 license, but most Consultants have all three.

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3. Obtain additional certificates or designations

After high school, you don't have to continue your studies. However, an industry license will help you become a qualified and excellent financial advisor. It also demonstrates that increasing your qualifications can give your customers confidence in your abilities.

The following licenses and certificates for financial advisors are available in Florida:

  • Certified Financial Organizer (CFP)

  • Agreed Investment Advisor (CIC)

  • Personal Finance Specialist (PFS)

  • Qualified Financial Advisor (ChFC)

  • Authorized Financial Analyst (CFA)

  • 4. Find a job or register your business

    As a financial advisor, you will find work in three areas of the financial sector:

  • A mediator

  • Banks providing financial advisory services

  • Independent financial management company

  • The required certifications are different in each area, so check with potential employers for the qualifications that need to be verified. However, if you have years of experience and education, you may be able to pass the exam requirements for a higher license. Some companies may be willing to support you for a Series 7 exam.

    If you wish to run your own investment advisory (AI) firm in Florida, one of the two entities will manage your business. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulates companies with more than $ 100 million in assets. The Florida Office of Financial Regulation regulates Florida companies that manage assets of less than $ 100 million.

    If you register with the relevant regulatory body, the Investment Adviser Registration Deposit (IARD) will process your eligibility form. One of the registration requirements is to appoint a Super Accountant Administrator (SAA), which you can do if you run your own business.

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    If IARD then accepts your eligibility form, you will be provided with the credentials to access the corporate gateway. Once on the company portal, you can pay the necessary business registration fees, government file, and review fees. The fees you pay depend on the value of the assets you manage and the number of financial advisors you employ.

    Maintain Florida renewal requirements

    If you run your own business, you must apply for an annual renewal with IARD. Renewals should be done by the end of the calendar year and should include updates to your business to make sure you are paying the correct rates. Every year you pay the following taxes:

  • Damage office renovation fee $ 100

  • $ 200 Florida state tax and $ 50 per investment advisor you hire

  • Rates of all other states in which your business operates

  • How much money does a financial advisor make in Florida?

    Financial advisors can live in Florida on an average base salary of over $ 71,000 per year. They can earn more based on commission and experience level, and the top 10% earn a little more.As a result, Florida financial advisors can earn salaries that exceed the state average, especially at the executive level.

    Takeaway food

    With modest educational requirements and medium earning potential, working as a financial consultant in Florida can be a great career opportunity for you. The exams and enrollment required depend on the industry you choose and whether you decide to join a financial management company. If you love finance and are motivated to help others plan their financial future intelligently, start by making sure you adhere to the educational rules mentioned above today.

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    Financial planning tips

  • Financial experts can also feel overwhelmed by the complexities of long-term financial planning. It may be helpful to speak to a financial advisor. Finding a quality financial advisor shouldn't be difficult. SmartAsset's free tool puts you in touch with three financial advisors in your area and you can interview the right advisors for free to decide which one is right for you. If you are ready to find an advisor to help you achieve your financial goals, start now.

  • The first step in developing a viable financial plan is to create a well thought-out budget. Of course, this is a lot easier said than done, so SmartAsset has created a budget calculator to help you get started.

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