Post Covid Leadership A Critical Perspective Cmi

Does Leadership In Technology Require A Crystal Ball?

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Post Covid Leadership A Critical Perspective Cmi

Gordon Moore claims that the number of transistors in densely populated environments will double every year for the next ten years. A D. When asked how he got that figure in a 2015 interview, he admitted he did some “illegal mining.”

A D. In 1975 he changed his statement by saying that the number of transistors would increase not only once but also every two years. Since then, the so-called "Moore's Law" has become a self-fulfilling prophecy, as transistor manufacturers are usually the target of duplication at this time.

46 years later, that still seems to be true. Technological advances are doubling every two years and there is no sign of slowing down. So, in an attempt to leapfrog Jones (or Meta and Google), several promising technological advances have been implemented.

Take Google Glass, for example. Cheap with no apparent benefit, Google Glass crashes and burns. Do you remember the Segway? What was once considered a transportation marvel has now turned into vacation time and expensive vacation travel money.

“When it comes to technology, I think the question is always why,” says Jeremy McCain, co-founder of Fremix, who is 22 times more emotional than the market today. Especially when he was constantly trying to hit the target. Does new technology solve problems or is technology a solution to technology?

MEMS vs Chronicles Microphone

MEMS (short for Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) digital microphones are used in electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, tablets, and hearing aids.

“Why would we create something that seems to have worked for 70 years? The CEO of Kronics asked Kim. Because they want new technology. Of course, MEMS microphones can record and play audio. They are built for this. But with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), they have succeeded. MEMS "microphones are not made to connect to cars.

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"The most important difference between our sensor and MEMS microphone is the use of resonance from our sensor. It can detect up to eight times more human voice than the source. We also have seven channels because the AI ​​engine needs as much audio information as possible to identify people.

"MEMS microphones only have one channel, so the information they receive is not enough to identify people's voices.

"Fronics sensors are designed like the human ear. The concept is exactly the same. This allows us to get a clear and concise signal." "Take me to Wall Street." Maybe someone else wants to go. What he did was make the car as human as possible."

Ethics of technological progress

What about the human ear's moral sensor?

"I don't think this is a product that extends touch technology in terms of privacy," said Yobi Benjamin Franklin, president of Phoenix Technology. "This is the best way to record audio. When you talk about ethical issues, we start talking about how we actually create the information we collect, why we collect it, and how transparent we are. But that's completely different and has nothing to do with Fronics , which is basically hardware." This is a manufacturer. We are trying to improve the process."

What is the future of audio sensor technology?

"Imagine if you heard an earthquake before other systems or structural changes in the plane," Franklin continued. There may be a certain amount of conflict or noise which is not audible to the human ear or traditional microphones and we can do that using certain innovations. "We were going to start screaming about what it could do, but when we saw how we saw the world in a new way, it really paved the way for us to solve environmental, social and administrative problems."

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When it comes to new technology, the question is: "Why?" He is always born. And when? "

"Why would we want to create something that seems to have worked for the last 70 years?" Why change it? Why did I start with this phone in the early 1990s? Now no one can do business without a cell phone. I think the same will happen here.

Google Glass is back because it's about time. “We saw a number of different companies creating augmented reality glasses.

Po Segway? Is the end really the right time? Is there an increase in the number of Seguians coming to your nearest town? Probably not. "The technology is amazing," says entrepreneur Peter Shenkmann. "The world is not ready for him."

Don't turn your HR system into a crystal ball

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