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DBusiness Daily Update: Derby Day In The District Set For Saturday Outside Little Caesars Arena, And More

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Official announcements, including the latest news from our Detroit and Michigan metro companies, and an update on the COVID-19 epidemic. Send us a message to share a story about a business or nonprofit.

Saturday afternoon county derby outside Little Caesars Arena

Located in the heart of Detroit, Little Caesars Arena will host County Derby Day on Saturday, hosted by Stella Artois and supported by Woodford Preserve.

The $10 ticket will run at Chevrolet Plaza and Budweiser Beargarten from 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm. The red carpet, live music, photo shoots, the best costumes and the best hats are waiting for the contestants. Guests. Specializing in food and beverages. Derby Day is a 21+ event in the county.

“We are thrilled to welcome guests to Little Caesars Arena, one of the highlights of the year,” said Emily Ninan, director of marketing for Ilyich Sports + Entertainment. “We encourage you and your friends to dress up for the occasion and wear the most fashionable hats. It will be a great celebration in Detroit County."

The entrance ticket for 10 ভর্তি includes a drink, and additional food and drinks can be purchased. As part of the Derby Day celebrations, the menu will include a Brie area and a Bourbon Bar with specialty cocktails.

Visit to purchase tickets and learn more.

Verizon offers online digital courses for small businesses

Digital Ready is Verizon's interactive curriculum designed to give small businesses a personalized tool to succeed in today's digital world.

Learning modules, personal advice from experts, partner networks, year-round grant access and more are all part of the company's mission to help 1 million small businesses thrive in the digital economy.

The first round of the $10,000 Verizon Small Business Digital Ready Program in partnership with StartupNation has just begun. Registration is free and grant applications are open to all eligible participants.

To apply, complete two courses or trainings and apply here by June 30th.

Anyone who needs help registering can email or call 800-916-4351.

The new TAG Multimedia Avatar service helps small businesses enter the Metaverse market.

In partnership with National Small Business Week, Clawson's TAG Multimedia Advertising Technology is helping small businesses understand what it means to set their course in the new marketing landscape with Metaverse.

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At the end of April, TAG introduced a practical approach to this emerging space with artificial intelligence avatars for multimedia chats (CAI avatars). CAI Avatar is a trained digital entity that provides online users with a branded customer service and sales search experience. Live the site and help visitors with a human experience by providing instant answers about products and services. This digital tool operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, giving business owners time to focus their efforts on other areas of their business.

To help business owners learn more about how CAI avatars are an effective tool, TAG Multimedia Metavers and your company are hosting online events and private events on May 19 at Bamboo Royal Oak from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The event is free, but you must register on and subscribe to receive a link to the presentation.

“Early adopters of this technology will benefit the most,” said Michelle Armstrong, president of TAG. “The more Avatar is involved, the better it will work. Using the site now means it will be polished and ready to go so that small businesses can get their first seller on Metaverse.”

CAI avatars engage audiences in conversations about selling services, offsetting training costs and saving business owners money by retraining employees. Armstrong added that it also improves site performance and conversion rates. “Essentially, it allows the business owner to be in two places at the same time,” Armstrong said.

Some of the technologies that make this possible include machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and natural language processing (NLP). After reviewing user content, a unique code is generated and posted on the website. The proprietary software allows users to collect, organize, analyze, edit and automate data.

Motor Information Systems launches affiliate marketing program

Troy-based Motor Information Systems, a provider of automated solutions and data, has launched an approved program where marketing partners can earn commissions for promoting commercial vehicle products.

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In affiliate marketing, one company promotes another company's product using a unique link from the promoter. Links can be placed in a variety of places, including website banners, newsletters, video content, social media, forums, diagnostic tools, product reviews, and tutorials. The company promoting the product receives a commission for every sale of the product.

Approximately 80 percent of brands have affiliate programs, and they currently account for over 16 percent of all e-commerce orders in the US and Canada. Software as a Service (SaaS) affiliate program is estimated to grow by $8 billion this year.

The Motor Partner Marketing Program allows partners to earn revenue from FleetCross sales of engine, medium and heavy duty truck part numbers and cross-links to truck parts, one of the industry's leading tools for manual collection and repair of information. Affiliates receive up to 25 percent commission on every sale made through a unique link on their digital platform.

“FleetCross is used daily by thousands of service and repair shops, parts dealers and fleets,” said Jeff Nosek, President of Motor. "Our new program gives partners the opportunity to take advantage of a rapidly evolving marketing approach to an industry-leading product."

The media, software vendors, influencers and anyone who contacts industry professionals who need access to parts, labor and service information can now benefit from the value and trust that FleetCross brings to an automotive brand.

Citizen Bank Donates $10,000 to Defenders of Two Small Business Communities

Citizens Bank in Providence, Rhode Island, announced today that two Detroit Metro companies are among the 30 national winners of the Fifth Annual Small Business Support Awards, including a $10,000 prize.

Commerce Township's Bundled, which collects food gift sets from Michigan, and Imagine Center, a mental health clinic in Detroit, were selected from nearly 11,000 applications describing how businesses will use the grant to grow their businesses and deliver valuable products to customers. And service. And strengthens the communities in which they operate

“Participation in the Small Business Champion program this year is almost three times higher than last year, which is especially welcome as it highlights how important companies are to us and, more importantly, to their respective communities.” Sarah Lindstrom, director of banking at Citizens. . “We are pleased that this year we have another opportunity to support and increase the success and economic viability of small businesses in an expanding geographic reach of citizens, and to congratulate all the winners on their achievements.”

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For more information about the program, winners, and proposed initiatives, visit here.

National business leaders joined Travers Connect at the May 17th event.

On May 17, the Traverse Connect Leadership Roundtable program in Traverse City will host a professional development event that will provide leadership lessons for organizations of all sectors and sizes.

Managers from nationally recognized sports, financial and entertainment organizations including Key Bank, Minnesota Vikings, Illinois Sports + Entertainment and Oklahoma City Dodgers will discuss their career paths and strategies to create an inclusive culture for growth.

Local Leadership Lessons: Stimulating Growth and Creating an Inclusive Culture will be held May 17 in Delamar Travers. Registration of participants will open at 14:00, and the program will begin at 14:30. Tickets are $35 for Travers Connect Investors/Members and $75 for Potential Investors.

Networking will follow at the end of the show at 16:00.

Participants will listen to a panel discussion on what they have learned and used on top teams over the past two years to support and encourage women in the workplace and shape their vision for leadership and change.

Among the participants in the discussion were:

  • Kathleen Coyle, Minnesota Vikings.
  • Kelly Reitner, Key Bank.
  • Molly Urdak-Vinovata, Ilyich Sport + Entertainment.
  • Jenna Burns, Oklahoma Dodgers.
  • For more information visit

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