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Brainlabs Acquires Fanbytes To Double Down On Influencer Marketing Globally

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Amd Launches 3rd Generation Epyc

The growing influence of social media has prompted marketing companies to use these content creators in their advertising campaigns. Influencers grew by gathering huge audiences online, making them a key target for brands and sponsors to showcase their products and services to older audiences: British digital media agency Brainlabs bought Fanbytes, a reputable marketing startup, for an undisclosed amount. Fanbytes was founded in 2017 by Timothy Armo (CEO), Ambrose Cooke (COO) and Mitchell Fasanian (CTO) while in college and has already reached sixty employees. The three founders of Dan Gilbert, CEO of Fanbytes and Brainlabs, share their thoughts on what the acquisition means for the next two companies.

Frederick Daso. In particular, how will Fanbytes complete Brainlabs ’current list of digital media opportunities to help them solve the puzzle of the mass marketing industry?

Daniel Gilbert. The rapid growth of influencer marketing excites me immensely. On the one hand, this is a new wave that will be critical for CMOs. On the other hand, it is an old-fashioned topic such as sponsorship, where brands choose partners who will be associated with their brands. The more digital marketing we have, the more accurately we can navigate, and the more measurable our results will be. Perfect for Brainlabs, a creative innovation that can be improved with quiz technology.

Influencers became new celebrities, and celebrity approvals were tested. In the 1700s, they were looking for royal recognition in goods, and now TikTok is a royalty with creative tools in their pockets. Brainlabs և Fanbytes offers amazing creative effects along with powerful marketing channels.

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Lesson. What features of Fanbytes co-founders impressed you the most as they continued to grow their businesses?

Gilbert. Timon, Mitchell and Ambrose have an incredible will to succeed. I love not only their desire to become professional breeders, but also their desire to find another way to continue and grow. They have created such a powerful ad hoc technology to make sure your business reflects the Brainlabs mentality while testing your acceptance. I look forward to working with you.

Lesson. What about Brainlabs' mission to acquire Fanbytes to "fundamentally change the way brands interact with consumers"?

Timothy Armu. This achievement helps us in two ways.

The first is global. Brainlabs has a strong presence in Europe, Asia Pacific, the United States and Latin America. We can suddenly be in the United States at the same time, considering that 40% of our income comes from the United States, which is very good for us. This is a great opportunity. Second, it is a combination of performance marketing and impact marketing. Influencers are becoming part of the overall marketing mix. The game changes when you combine the Influencer brand capital + accurate performance marketing goal and have a clear and consistent brand offer.

Lesson. What similarities convinced Gilbert that such courage would make both sides stronger than each other?

unfortunately, I loved the ambition of the Brainlabs – how incredibly fast they grew. Most people are content with a standard job and are protected in our space. However, Dan led Brainlabs with a very growth-oriented approach, which encouraged brands to behave in new ways and continue to experiment. It is in our DNA. We launched Bytehouse, the first TikTok house in Europe, we became one of the pioneers of AR marketing on Snapchat, and even set up a fund to support blacksmiths and businesses. We have never been afraid to be different, to be innovative, Dan shares this DNA. During our visit, we were repeatedly approached, but many did not agree with the desire not only to compete, but also to win. Brainlabs had this attitude.

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Success can lead to many cultural conflicts, instability in the company, we do not have these concerns at all. It is quite possible that Brainlabs pays so much attention to culture. During our talks, they also won two awards. One was one of the best places to work in 2021, and the other was voted the best digital agency in the UK by its peers. You can't produce it: It led us to the conclusion that this is a place where our team can have a little fun.

How can daso Brainlabs use Fanbytes to expand its global reach?

Weak Brainlabs does not engage in affected marketing. They are the best in the executive marketing industry. This, in turn, means that Fanbytes does all the marketing and Brainlabs becomes influential. Both Brainlabs and Fanbytes share a common approach to technology, which allows us to maximize our impact with our private workflow platform. This means that we can easily and quickly activate campaigns around the world. We are already working on many contracts with Brainlabs in Europe, the United States and Singapore.

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