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How to be a creative person?

How to be a creative person – The power of creativity is stored in their minds and not used daily. This report uncovers the secret of how to be creative and successful!

How to be a creative person – Creativity is not just for artists. It becomes a stepping stone for someone’s success in all fields. Those who know how to use their creative minds to solve problems will be the brightest in their careers, building many profitable and successful businesses and attracting many wise friends.

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Everyone has their creative power. Unfortunately, they don’t learn how to use it. The power of creativity is stored in their minds and not used every day. This report uncovers the secret of how to be creative and successful life!

Wisdom: How to Use It?

How to be a creative person – “Oh yeah, why didn’t I think of that?”

Isn’t that what you always say when someone has the answer to a rather complicated problem? If what can’t solve such a problem, as usual, creative people don’t hesitate to think about it differently.

An example is Ulysses S. Grant. Abraham Lincoln, the president of the USA, likes to tell stories about Grant. As a child, he used his wits to beat a calf that did not like being ridden by anyone. The calf was so stubborn that he had been bought by a circus performer, who offered money to anyone who managed to ride him at the appointed time.

Grant saw some youngsters older than him being thrown to the ground by the calf when they tried to ride it. He tried to climb the calf’s body and managed to hold on for some time but fell too. Then, he used his wisdom. After getting permission to try again, he will now solve this problem instead of any other angle.

Instead of waiting, as usual, he jumped onto the ox’s body upside down, looking at the tail instead of the head. The enslaved person grabbed the calf’s belly with his feet and held the oxen’s seat with both hands.

No matter how the ox shook and stomped, it still couldn’t bring the enslaved person down. The calf was defeated by Ulysses S. Grant and won the prize. Growing up, Grant entered the army, commanded a battalion, and won the civil war.

From Grant’s experience, it has provided two important uses for creativity;

  1. I am looking for a complicated answer to a complex problem.
  2. We are generating new concepts.

How to be a creative person?

How to be a creative person?

Fill yourself with creativity

How to be a creative person – Confidence is the key to creativity. You are motivated to find the answer when you know that there is one way to solve a problem (even if you don’t yet know how). Someone who always gives political ideas is not more creative than the rest of us. They have more faith.

How can you have such faith? Knowing that “There is a solution to every problem and an idea to everything.”

If belief is the first principle, the second is a free mind. The inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, said:

Don’t always use public roads; go where no one else has gone. Go somewhere you’ve never gone. You will surely see something you have never seen before. One discovery will lead you to another; before you know it, you have something good to think about. All critical findings are thought-provoking.

A free mind is not shackled in the usual way. No matter what others say, he knows there is an answer to every problem and an idea for every situation, and he is not afraid to try every possible form.

Solving Problems With Creativity

How to be a creative person – There is one way to increase your creativity in solving any complex problem. Start by knowing this secret:

If a problem cannot be solved by conventional means, it is usually because there is no missing link.

Grant’s problem was not being able to last long on the calf at first because there was nowhere to hold on to. That is to say, and there is no link chain. Therefore, the first step that must be taken to find a solution to a complex problem is to determine whether it is a non-existent chain of links. Your objective is to find one thing. If it exists, it will solve the problem. Don’t worry if, at first, you can’t make the connection. Just look at whether the link is missing.

In 1930 AD, Aramco, a joint Arab-American Oil Company company, needed a vehicle that could run in the desert. The problem is that the sand causes the tires to sink and not move. Since no studies have been conducted on this issue, Aramco mechanic Richard Kerr does not have the technical data to make tires that can grip the desert. So, the first step is to find the missing link, which is the lack of technical data.

The second step is to find a way to get the appropriate data. The trial is one way, but it takes some time. While he is looking for ideas to solve it, one way is to imitate the camel, which has no problem walking in the desert. Although heavy and oversized, camels are not easy to sink in the desert.

Although the idea is a bit crazy, the grips used by camels can undoubtedly be used by vehicles. He measured the area of the camel’s leg opening and took the weight of the camel. This gave him technical data to determine the shape and required wheel pressure in the desert. Finally, he succeeded in creating tires suitable for use in the desert. The tires he invented are still in use today by commercial vehicles.

The Missing Link technique is an important thing that you need to know to solve any problems that arise. It increases your creative power in finding solutions you may never have thought of.

How to Get Creative Ideas

How to be a creative person – We’ve already talked about using creativity to solve problems. We now know how to use it to get ideas, which can give us many opportunities.

Most of the world’s greatest inventions are made by accident. Isaac Newton was surprised when an apple fell on his head, eventually discovering the theory of gravity. William H. Mason is also trying to figure out how to use saw dung instead of logs. He saw a lot of discarded wood after visiting the logging area. He took all the small pieces of wood and put them together to form a board, which, when subjected to high pressure, can give a strong panel, as we find today, namely plywood.

It is typical for inventions and creations to be accidentally encountered and an original idea forgotten to pursue a new, more profitable project.

This gives us one discovery: new ideas are never original. It is an amalgamation and modification of any other idea. Bill Gates did not create computers like Steve Jobs (Apple computers) but wrote software for Apple and saw a brighter chance that all types of computers could use the software. Now his creation, Windows, is used by almost all computers worldwide.

So why go to great lengths to come up with a new idea when the idea you need already exists in a different state? Think about the possibilities. Don’t wait until you get inspired to get creative. Even though you can try original ideas, remodel them, so they become what you want.

The subconscious mind provides you with ideas and solutions.

It is crucial to remember that there is an answer to every problem and an idea for every need. Maybe you are unaware that the views and responses may have been stored in your mind.

Scientists have conducted a study and found that 15 trillion pieces of data are stored in your mind throughout your life. If trillions of data are contained here, how many billions of data can be realized by combining this data? With this potential, the possibility of an answer is very high.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that 90 percent of that information is stored in your subconscious (sixth sense) mind. There’s no easy way to access it. He comes out when he wants and does not come out when you know and need it. So what you need to do to retrieve this data is sleep! After a good night’s sleep, many vital ideas and discoveries have been made. You should know that it comes from your subconscious mind.

How it applies is as follows:

  • When you are conscious and trying to find answers to your problems, your subconscious mind is also aware of what you are looking for.
  • Your subconscious mind never rests, even when you are sleeping. It always chooses the data stored in it.
  • Your subconscious mind will give you a cursory answer in minutes, hours, or days after you stop thinking about the problem. You suddenly get a new idea or solution to a complicated problem while doing other things.

For example, when he woke up from a long sleep, Sir Walter Scott got a new idea. Einstein reportedly got his best ideas while shaving his beard. After trying several times, Thomas Edison stopped for 24 hours, and he found new ideas that time. Mozart also reportedly got the idea for the song while snoring. When he wakes up, he will write down the notes of the music he got while sleeping.

Don’t get me wrong; one thing needs attention: each person above is an expert in their respective field. They are fewer geniuses than ideas that come to them in their sleep. The subconscious mind only picks out information stored for a long time and tells you what you want to know.

Therefore, the valuable information you get is what you need to do yourself. Without these techniques, maybe your creative ideas will just be stored away.

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