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American Battery Technology Company Hires Analytical Chemistry Lead, Formerly From Tesla, Expanding Team Of Industry Experts

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American Battery Technology Company Research and Development Center

Reno, New Jersey: April 13, 2022 (GlobeNewswire) – The American Battery Technology Company (ABTC) (OTCQB: ABML), an American lithium-ion battery recycling company in the United States, continues to partner with industry experts. Senior chemical analyst, Dr. Mark McDaniel.

ABTC CEO Ryan Melzart said, "Only through rigorous process control can we produce metal batteries that meet stringent standards for battery parts." “Developing and applying the analytical techniques needed to measure the performance of these battery components is no easy task. Ը Mark is one of the best experts I have worked with in this field. "

Dr. He recently worked with the Environmental Protection Agency N և ada (NDEP) as an environmental scientist for their Office of Water Quality Planning. While working at NDEP, he worked on implementing standards through state on-site monitoring to support water quality, the Complete Clean Water Act (TMDL), supported projects from non-point sources, and conducted surface water monitoring. state.

Prior to joining NDEP, McDaniel Tesler was a full-time researcher, founding member of the Gigalab team at the Tesla Giga Factory Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, who oversaw the development of analytical processes to ensure quality battery production. Action:

“Mark was one of the first scientists hired at Tesla Gigafactory to play an important role in the development and manufacture of metal products for lithium, nickel, cobalt, aluminum and copper batteries, including the pioneers of high-energy active cathodes. . "Materials such as high-purity solvents produced locally," continued Melsert.

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McDaniel previously worked for more than seventeen years at the Desert Research Institute (DRI), an organization recognized as a world leader in applied environmental research, helping other highly qualified scientists, engineers, technologists and students. Understand, answer and answer potential scientific questions about global climate change, water quality, accessibility, air quality, desert sustainability, extreme living and science education.

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McDaniel holds a bachelor's degree in environmental science, a master's degree in environmental chemistry and a doctorate in atmospheric science from Naida University in Reno. He has published extensively in 11 journals and more than 100 citations.

In this new position, McDaniel will lead a team of scientists who will develop and apply analytical techniques to measure the quality and efficiency of materials in recycled lithium-ion, lithium hydroxide battery manufacturing systems. The team is developing and improving these battery metal recovery technologies that provide lower environmental impact, lower costs, and higher U.S. domestic raw materials than conventional recycled primary metals.

About American Battery Technology Company American Battery Technology, recently renamed American Battery Metals Corporation, has a unique position in supplying affordable and environmentally friendly metal to locally produced batteries across three divisions. և processing of raw materials.

American Battery Technology has created a green technology platform that is essentially strategically used as the primary metal source for locally produced batteries to meet the near-insufficient demand for electric vehicles, energy-saving systems, and consumer electronics manufacturers. This ESG-based platform is working to create a circular economy for refillable metals that protect ethical and sustainable sources of important strategic materials.

Promising statements. This press release contains a "state-of-the-art statement" under the "safe harbor" provision of the US Private Securities Judicial Reform Act of 1995. All allegations, except historical truth claims, are "progressive statements". Although the management of American Battery Technology Company (the "Company") finds such a forward-looking statement reasonable, they cannot guarantee that such an expectation will be fulfilled or not. This initial statement includes a number of risks and uncertainties that could significantly differentiate the company's future results from expected results. However, potential risks and uncertainties include the interpretation of geological information, adverse research results, failure to obtain permits for future exploration, development or production, and general economic conditions affecting the company's business areas. Regulatory requirements ան Uncertainty of permits; Minerals և fluctuations in commodity prices, final approval of investments հնարավորություն possibility of obtaining financing on acceptable terms or at all. The results of the material questions for these transfer reports are available in the documents submitted by the company to the Securities and Exchange Commission, including the annual report DS 10-K for the year ended June 30, 2021. The company is not obligated to update the information . Included or mentioned in this press release.

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