Am Best Removes From Under Review With Developing Implications And Downgrades Credit Ratings Of Capacity Insurance Company

AM Best Removes From Under Review With Developing Implications And Upgrades Credit Ratings Of Sunset Life Insurance Company Of America

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Am Best Removes From Under Review With Developing Implications And Downgrades Credit Ratings Of Capacity Insurance Company

OLDWICK, New Jersey, April 6, 2022 – (BUSINESS WIRE) – AM Best has been removed from review due to consequences և Updated its financial strength rating to A- (excellent) B ++ (good) երկար Long-term loan. Rating (long-term ICC) "a-" (excellent), "bbb +" (good) American insurance company Sunset Life (Sunset Life) (Kansas City, Missouri) is stable.

The balance sheets reflect Sunset Life’s strong balance sheet, which AM Best considers very strong, as well as its strong operating performance, neutral business profile and good business risk management.

Sunset Life’s risk-adjusted capitalization, measured by Best Value for Money (BCAR), is expected to be significantly higher or better as the company implements its annual product marketing strategy, mostly through an independent marketing organization. : wave. In addition, the company will benefit from Investcorp фінанса’s financial commitments, which specialize in alternative investments, private equity, real estate, loans, absolute return strategies, joint ownership, infrastructure management and insurance assets. Founded in 1982, Investcorp manages assets worth more than $ 40 billion. Sunset Life also retains good financial flexibility and liquidity resources, including membership in the Federal Mortgage Bank and the holding company’s ability to issue debt. Whether or not a company will use third-party reinsurance in the short term may be an option if you need it during times of stress.

While Sunset Life leverages a strong management team, a large-scale business model, and an administrative platform that allows for digital completion, the company is entering a competitive marketplace that increases the risks associated with startups. However, it facilitates the company’s risk management capabilities, which include comprehensive stress testing. In addition, other Sunset Life features are now fully integrated. AM Best will continue to monitor Sunset Life’s ability to execute its current business plan without adversely affecting expected capitalization levels and expected profits.

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