10 Entrepreneurs To Pitch Their New Products At Bangor Showcase Event

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Bloody Mary Mix, donated computers, drones and oil are just a few of the 10 new products that will be on display at the Bangor Public Entrepreneurship Exhibition next week.

Up Start Maine, the Coalition of Regional Entrepreneurship Support, will host the Maine Innovation Event on April 26 at the Bangalore Challenger Center from 4-6 p.m.

The event is designed for many creative nights in Boston and aims to help local entrepreneurs see their products better and connect with members of the state's creative community.

Competitively selected, participating companies will present their new products or services in an open and public display. Audience members vote for the best peach award. The incident spread widely on social media.

In next week's event, Upstairs Maine will be the winner of the exciting 2022 start.

"Whether you're starting out or in business for 10 years, Maine Innovation is launching a brand launch campaign in a truly unique way using personal and social media to inform the night of events." Corey Zimmerman, chairman of the Upstart Events Committee, the founding CEO of WonderWeb, said in a press release:

There are 10 entrepreneurs.

  • A ** Over Tickettal, Cornville – A special dish that mixes her bloody Mary
  • Attenex, Portland – Do your own small business market research
  • Avon, Portland – A training program for families and partners with loved ones
  • Match digital, brewed computers to recipients
  • Your own unmanned aerial vehicle, Belfast – an online market for drone pilots
  • Flora X Machine, Blue Heel – Complete Royal Oil Line Skin Care
  • Slippix, Dresden – Marketing software platform with patented interactive image technology
  • The Good Crust, Canaan – Fresh pizza flour made with 100% freshly ground mayonnaise.
  • Bottled Milk, South Portland – Stable Packaging Cocktail Manufacturers
  • TrustedRentr, Milford – Online Device Enhancement Application যা Verification Verification Process.
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    Each entrepreneur will receive personal consulting services to take advantage of the marketing and networking opportunities that the opportunity offers.

    John Furman, owner of Boob and Mutas Spice Company, said he was rewarded for attending the first Main Innovation event in 2021.

    "Seeing people coming, testing our products, talking about our business, communicating with small business leaders in other areas, giving us more confidence than starting a business in Central Maine, all the support and knowledge that any competitor has company can have. Give. " He said. .

    Maine Innovation Nights is a free public event hosted by Maine Community Foundation, Maine Institute of Technology, Bangalore Savings Bank, Machiavelli Savings Bank, LG&H Certified Public Accountants, Bear Town Rudman Win. For business.

    For more information, click here to book your ticket in person or online.

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